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We are the designer and developer of the world unique Resistance Tower and other innovative equipment coupled with ingenious and prolific resistant band exercises.

Our equipment are uniquely designed and developed for implementation in ALL prehab, rehab, sport specific and other related training programs.

Our applications and methodologies are used by:

* Biokineticists
* Physiotherapists
* Occupational therapists
* Sport coaches
* Personal trainers
* Private individuals

Our clients are:

* Schools
* Special needs schools
* Retirement villages
* Lodges
* Hotels
* Private homes
* Private gyms
And many more

VDS Square

Resistance Band Tower


Can be installed indoors or outdoors


Takes up minimal Space


Can accommodate one person to a sport team (15 playsers)


Our resistance band targets all muscle groups.

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No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
Real Results.

Fitness Training


Innner Chest & General Chest Excersises

Innovative workout with new techniques, including tried-and-tested exercises for the Pectus Excavatum condition.